The Vineyards

We are blessed with diversity. In the Southern Robertson valley, Bonnievale, we have diversity in Soil.

Down at the river we have sandy soils, in between deeper soils and up against the slopes or Hills our vines are planted in rocks. These rocks must be irrigated to enable us to grow vines in these extreme soil conditions. Due to the extreme rocky environment, the H2O is easily managed.

Vines are planted East to West, +/- 50 meters above the Breede River, 25 km from Robertson, close to Bonnievale and 50 minutes drive from the most Southern Point of Africa, Augulas. The Sauvignon Blanc (0.5Ha) and Chardonnay (3 Ha) blocks are located on the morning slope side. The Shiraz (3 Ha), Cabernet Sauvignon (3 Ha) and Viognier (1000 routes of vines) are located more towards the afternoon sun side.

Having a belt of mountains on either side of the valley, we have a very unique tasting grape.

mapDue to our location we receive morning fog during the winter season which is gently burned away by the late morning sun. During summer we have an everyday South-Easterly wind that blows from the ocean to cool down the vines.

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