With Majestic sunsets and a chilled breeze from time to time, it’s a perfect setting for relaxation and serene tasting of the finest wines in Robertson!

The RiverGold farm is situated in Bonnievale, Robertson. Some of the best wines in South Africa come from the same area. RiverGold is handcrafted meaning that the processes involved from start up until fermentation are done by humans and not machines. This is how the superior quality is maintained.

Our current range is of a distinct taste, and offers SA’s finest blends

The source of our H2O originates from the Du Toits Kloof mountain range and Ceres mountain range. This will all be dammed into the Brandvlei Dam that is channelled down to our Valley. We dam it out and use this fresh H20 for our Micro irrigation system.

RiverGold Wines


RiverGold Sauvignon Blanc

Green Figs, Gooseberries and Guavas on the nose. The pallet is fresh, crispy with a lingering refreshing aftertaste.


RiverGold Chardonnay

Due the wine being naturally fermented and matured in older French Oak barrels the wine gives a round and elegant taste on the pallet. On the nose it shows Citrus, Guava and Vanilla notes.


RiverGold Chenin Blanc

The wine shows fruitless on the nose with fine tones of apple and honey. The pallet is fresh, with hints of quince and grass and apple and honey. The pallet is fresh, with hints of quince and grass.


RiverGold Shiraz

The vineyard situated on Rocky Limestone brings uniqueness to this wine. On the nose it shows strawberries, hints of spice and mushrooms. The Palate is rich and fruit driven.


RiverGold Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine shows Blackcurrants, Vanilla and vibrant fruits on the nose. The palate is rich with unescapable elegance and a reflective fruit driven aftertaste.